My Lord Lyrics Music Native Deen

My Lord Lyrics Music Native Deen

I don’t know what I’m gonna do
If I don’t stay in touch with you
I know my life would fall apart
If I don’t keep you in my heart

You protected me since I
Can remember and that’s why
I never want to go astray
But it’s a struggle every day

Oh, I love you, oh I love you
I’m always
Thinking of you, thinking of you
Because your my lord
You’re my, you’re my lord, yeah(x2)

I can feel it right now
While I’m here in my prayers
Even though I don’t see you
I know that you’re there

You never let me down
Though I fell many times
I know I need to get my life right
But I’m runnin’ outta time

*CHORUS* (x2)

How long, will it take for me to see
That your love is all I need
When I feel I can’t get by
You were right there by my side(x2)

You know I need to start (start)
And give a little thought (thought)
And contemplate and think about the blessings that you brought (brought)
My lord you give alot (lot)
It seems that I forgot (got)
And I’m always getting caught up worthy things I got (got)
But now I’m feeling sure (sure)
My love for you is pure (pure)
I feel in my heart and my faith is now restored (stored)
I’m seeking your reward (reward)
And to get your mercy poured
On a servant who loves ’cause indead you are MY LORD

*CHORUS* (x4)

My Lord Lyrics Music Native Deen

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